This April, a team of eight physicians travelled to Ramallah for the first American Federation of Ramallah Palestine (AFRP)-organized medical mission.  Doctors Rajai Khoury, Majid Bolus Hassan,Eid Mustafa, and Hanna Eadeh, who have previously made mission trips to Ramallah, were joined by Rani Karmi, Maha Zayed, Emil Sheheen, Fayez Shamieh and the assistance of basil khalaf who all worked together toward the goals of increasing efficiency and organization in Ramallah’s hospital. The medical mission was also joined by Dr Abdelraouf Ismail , who is a practicing plastic surgeon in Canada, and Dr Mohammad Jawad, who has a briatric surgery training center in Orlando. Florida, acoompanied by his nurse, Shiela Vernadore. It is also important that the work was coordinated with Physicians for Peace. AFRP Medical Mission was also attended in Ramallah by Bajis Katwan in order to document the trip for future fundraising efforts through out the many Ramallah clubs in the United States.

Through the successful  fundraising efforts of Bajis Katwan and Afif Baba president of the Ramallah Club of San Francisco as well as many generous donations, the team brought supplies, services, and educational training to Ramallah physicians.  In particular, Maher Elhihi was instrumental in obtaining an ultrasound machine from Toshiba USA for the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah.

The two-week mission was spent working with physicians and hospital staff on training and education, as well as providing expert-level services to patients in need of care.  Conferences were held and were attended by approximately 80 physicians, nurses, and medical personnel during which the visiting physicians shared their knowledge of their specialty areas.  Administratively, meetings were held with hospital officials to discuss improvement and streamlining of delivery of care.  In addition, team members worked in Nablus and Makasid hospitals training surgeons in endoscopic surgery.  An education day was also held at Najah University in Nablus with the theme of diabetes education, and the event was well-attended by physicians and local medical students.

The Medical Mission Doctors and volunteers were hosted dinner by The Mayor of Ramallah, Mousa Hadeed, the Governor Lelia Ghannam and the generosity of the federation club of Ramallah  expressed their deepest gratitude for the work of the mission volunteers at the grand park hotel.

The mission was a resounding success, and we hope to continue to increase awareness and interest so that this excellent work can continue and that health care in Ramallah will continue to flourish.

In addition the Ramallah club of San Francisco will be holding the 2nd annual AFRP Medical Mission Golf Tournament on October 21, please join us on the continuing efforts of making it a successful event.