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We are simply dedicated to the improvement of health care in needy countries through transfer of knowledge and providing needed equipment and supplies.

Beirut Disaster Relief

Beirut Disaster Relief

We, being of Palestinian heritage, know all too well the suffering and humanitarian need of our people. Through many decades and through all types of struggles, Palestinians have always stepped up to help and assist when needed. Our efforts and our commitments to our people continue, as you have seen with our ongoing Relief Funds to Palestine and our last Medical Mission campaign to combat COVID, which raised over $200,000 and continues to help protect our medical workers who are battling this virus. We are immensely proud of our many doctors and medical personnel, and others, who have helped in this effort.

NOW…..it’s time to help others in need….
Lebanon is faced with a horrific catastrophe that came at a time when the nation also struggles with many other issues: COVID, a faltering economy, coping with Syrian refugees, and political unrest. But the medical and humanitarian need there now is immense. We want to help, and we need to help. Many Palestinian communities and organizations are coming together in
a joint effort to raise funds through our Medical Mission. These funds will
be used in the most efficient and effective ways possible to get medical  supplies, medicine, basic hygiene items, and food into the hands of those who need them most. Resources will go where the needs are greatest.

This is a big effort….
As you know, Lebanon has an exceptionally large Palestinian population, and as such, has been aided by the UPA (United Palestinian Appeal). UPA has been operating in Lebanon since 1982, has well established logistical and distribution support, and can get items where they need to go, in the best way possible—without waste. We will partner with UPA in a supporting role to gather whatever resources they need and mainly help them with funding.

Be assured….
Your donations and all monies raised will be distributed wisely. 

Your Tax-Exempt donation is needed and very much appreciated.
We thank all of you who help in these efforts and wish you to be safe and well during this time.

ARFHSN, Human Services Network, Medical Mission
American Federation of Ramallah, Palestine
PAC – San Francisco
     * Ramallah Club of SF
     * Birzeit Society
     * Bethlehem Association
     * Jifna Association
     * Deir Dibwan Association
     * Beit Hanina Association
     * Palestine Youth Movement, PYM
     * Zaytoon Club
     * Saris Association

Birzeit Association from across the U. S.
Hanan Refugee Relief
US Palestinian Council
Coalition of Palestinian American Organizations, CPAO 

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  • Lara Harb $200
  • Margaret Farhat $100
  • Shawki Harb $500
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  • Dr Fayez Shamieh $100
  • Sam Kalil $200
  • Jean Hoadley $2000
  • Nabil SAAH $100
  • Emile Shaheen $100
  • Al Ghanayem $100
  • George Saba $100
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  • Andre Hawit $100

We are volunteers dedicated to the improvement of the human condition by helping to improve the local health care delivery system. Our physician volunteers completely cover their own expenses and are dedicated to transfer their knowledge to local physicians and medical community, through active participation in the delivery of health care alongside the local medical community and through workshops and lecturing.


  • Catheter Supplies
  • Surgical Supplies

Reflections on one week in Ramallah

In late May of 2016, I travelled to Palestine along with the American Federation Ramallah Human Service Network traveled to Ramallah for one week to help visually document the work of the AFRHSN’s charitable Medical Mission it was my the first time. Having lived and worked extensively as a video producer in the greater Middle East and North African region, I can say that I came prepared with some political [...]

AFRP Medical Mission 2014

To our community: •      A Special thank you to my wife Flavia and two wonderful daughters Nicole and Natalie for putting up with me being away from home: •      Thank you for your wonderful introduction Lila qutami •      Good evening Family, friends and members of the Clergy •      Unity        Unity          Unity •      Medicine has no boundaries •      Sees no [...]

AFRP Medical Mission 2013

This April, a team of eight physicians travelled to Ramallah for the first American Federation of Ramallah Palestine (AFRP)-organized medical mission.  Doctors Rajai Khoury, Majid Bolus Hassan,Eid Mustafa, and Hanna Eadeh, who have previously made mission trips to Ramallah, were joined by Rani Karmi, Maha Zayed, Emil Sheheen, Fayez Shamieh and the assistance of basil khalaf who all worked together toward the goals of increasing efficiency and organization in Ramallah’s hospital. [...]

مغتربو رام الله يتبرعون بمعدات طبية لمجمع فلسطين

رام الله - معا - سلم وفد من البعثة الطبية لأبناء رام الله المغتربين في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية، اليوم الأربعاء، معدات وأجهزة طبية متخصصة في القلب والعظام والولادة الى إدارة مجمع فلسطين الطبي برام الله.وقال الدكتور رجائي خوري: قمنا اليوم بتسليم إدارة مستشفى رام الله وبحضور مدير المجمع الدكتور حامد البيتاوي وعدداً من الأطباء، العديد من المعدات والاجهزة الطبية الحديثة المتخصصة في أمراض القلب والعظام والولادة وفحص الشرايين والأوردة ومعالجتها، [...]

منحة طبية مقدمة من البعثة الطبية لاتحاد أبناء رام الله في أمريكا و جمعية “قلب الرحمة

زمن برس، فلسطين: قدمت البعثة الطبية لاتحاد أبناء رام الله في أميركا وجمعية "قلب الرحمة" مواد وأجهزة طبية لمجمع فلسطين الطبي بمدينة رام الله. وقال السيد باجس قطوان ممثل البعثة الطببة لاتحاد أبناء رام الله في الولايات المتحدة" انهم منذ الخمس سنوات تقريباً أقدموا على جمع التبرعات اللازمة من خلال عدة أنشطة اجتماعية هدفها دعم القطاع الصحي بفلسطين و من خلال تنسيق الدكتور رجائي خوري مع وزارة الصحة و مستشفى [...]

Volunteer Opportunities

Every year in the month of May or June, we head out to the West Bank city of Ramallah and volunteer at the Palestine Medical Complex. We also travel to Hebron and we are looking for eager medical professionals ranging from physicians to respiratory therapists to nursing in an effort to further medical care. All fields including pediatrics are needed. So far, we have traveled with Cardiothoracic Surgeons, Emergency Physicians, [...]

From The Field

General Surgeons will participate in many procedures and operations ranging from vascular surgeries, cardiothoracic surgeries and, of course, abdominal surgeries. Last year, we were successful in removing a carotid body tumor along with several open heart surgeries, aorto-bifemoral bypass, and peripheral vascular procedures. Emergency physicians last year were involved in emergency care along side with the resident physicians of the Palestine Medical Complex. They performed academic bedside teaching, procedures like [...]